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"Red James" by Stev'nn Hall 2012

"Mad Blood Stirring is a brave tour not just of the inner lives of some violent and terrifying men, but of masculinity’s darkest corners. It is as alarming to read as it is compelling."

Ian Brown



Penguin Random House Canada

     Tommy pulled out a four-inch Spider-Man pocket knife and opened the blade.

     “It’s not like in the movies when they stab someone all over,” he said. “When you stab someone for real, you stab them relatively close to the same spot.”

     He jabbed the blade in my direction, a few inches from my chest, just to demonstrate. I had to keep myself from flinching

     “You end up with one big hole,” he continued, “not just a bunch of puncture holes. The last time I stabbed him, it just opened up, and when my thumb went in, that’s when I decided, ‘Okay. He’s probably not going to fight back now.’”

     “How’d it feel,” I asked, “sticking him?”

     “It felt great.”

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about me

I've worked as a dishwasher, short-order cook, bartender, farmhand, gym supervisor, canoe repairman, teaching assistant and writing instructor. I once got paid to test experimental pharmaceuticals. I wouldn't recommend it.

I also spent several years as a staff producer at CBC, producing national and international current affairs for As It Happens, q, and Quirks & Quarks (among others). I have a master's degree in neuroscience but I've forgotten much of what I learned. Ironically I studied Alzheimer's disease.


I live in Toronto with my wife and daughter.

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